Why work with us?

Navigating the dynamic world of biotech demands more than just groundbreaking science; it requires a blend of strategic acumen and robust financial oversight. At Slate Mountains Capital, we are your dedicated partners in this journey. Our mission is to bolster biotech trailblazers.

We understand that the heart of your venture is science, and our role is to help you focus on that, while we tackle the complex business aspects of the biotech industry. We focus on four key principles:

Science-First Approach: We recognize the core of your mission—science. Our goal is to ensure that you remain laser-focused on your passion while we handle the intricacies of the biotech business landscape.

Recognizing Challenges: In biotech, startups face an array of operational and strategic challenges. We understand that it's the cumulative effect of these challenges, rather than isolated incidents, that can hamper growth. Our experience uniquely equips us to help you navigate these obstacles.

Ownership & Valuation Clarity: We help spotlight your company's true worth, preparing you for a successful Series A round while safeguarding your ownership interests.

Investor Networking: Our extensive investor network means you're connected with stakeholders who not only understand your vision but also its inherent value.

Meet our founder

Sebastian Gensior is the founder of Slate Mountains Capital, with over a decade of experience in the life science, healthcare, and pharmaceutical sector.

With a significant focus on market access and policy strategies, he regularly conducts comprehensive evaluations of early and late-stage pharmaceutical assets and advises investors and healthcare companies. Sebastian's career highlights include pivotal roles at Abbott, Roche, and Edelman, where he made significant contributions to market access policy, global health training programs, and public relations strategies, respectively.

Our advisory board

Our Advisory Board consists of professionals with backgrounds in finance, healthcare, and policy-making. These varied areas of expertise provide us with a balanced understanding of our industry's challenges and opportunities.

Their knowledge and experience play an essential role in our decision-making process. Learn more about the individuals who offer their insights to guide our direction.

Advisory Board

Want to partner with us?

As we venture into the next chapter of our journey, we're actively seeking passionate partners to join our mission. Whether you're an investor with a vision, an accelerator driven by innovation, or a mentor with invaluable insights, we believe your expertise could be the catalyst for our next phase of growth.

Join us in shaping a future that promises not just success, but transformative impact. Let's collaborate, innovate, and redefine boundaries together. Reach out today to explore partnership opportunities.